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At Avenue Dental, we take pride in providing our dental patients with exceptional dental care in a comfortable, modern and pleasent environment.

Family Dentistry is Our Expertise

Family Dentistry is Our Expertise

At Avenue Dental we are committed to providing our patients with comfortable, enjoyable and technologically-advanced professional dental care for everyone, from newborns to seniors.

We are a family dentistry committed to our patients and their health. We provide individualized preventive and restorative care for each patient we treat.

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Family Dentistry is Our Expertise
Our Story

Avenue Dental

Our Story

We are excited to welcome you to Avenue Dental and invite you to watch our video to learn more about our Winnipeg dental clinic and how our dental professionals offer a wide range of family friendly dental treatment options and procedures.

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Our Story

Our Doctors

Meet Our Dental Experts

The Avenue Dental team of dentists and staff provide our dental patients with the best professional care with expertise and dedication you have come to expect.

Dr. Anton Brasko

Dr. Anton Brasko

Dr. Anton Brasko is known for his love of people and dentistry. He is passionate about patients' trust and understanding of the dental care they are getting at Avenue Dental.

Dr. Andrej Brasko

Dr. Andrej Brasko

Dr. Andrej Brasko finds great satisfaction in his work and helping Avenue Dental patients. He's always enjoyed working with his hands and has a life-long love of sciences.

Dr. Viviana Steinberg

Dr. Viviana Steinberg

Dr. Viviana Steinberg has many years of experience in different areas of general dentistry from preventative and restorative dentistry to surgical and cosmetic dentistry.


What Our Patients Are Saying

I have been going here since 2009 and I can't imagine ever switching. I used to hate the dentist but now that I come here I actually don't mind it. I have seen both Brasko's and they are both very thorough and friendly. Definitely recommend!

Vanessa V.

We have seen multiple dentist for our son who has autism. We will gladly drive over an hour to see Dr. Andrej!! There are no words to express how much we trust him with our son. He is simply amazing. Mercedes also takes the time to know the situation to make his experience and care the best it can be. THANKS!!!

Previne B.

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Where can I leave or post a review?

Please follow this link https://g.page/r/CdRN2eqj7BalEB0/review

If you would like to discuss any concerns and issues prior to posting a review, please contact us and we would love to mitigate you concerns. Thank you.

Do you provide financing?

Yes! We provide financing through Affirm Canada. The have very good rates, including 0% financing. Please see this page for more information.

Where can I recycle toothpaste and other packaging?

You can bring it to our clinic and recycle in our recycling center. We partnered with Terracycle and they make sure that all oral related products are properly disposed of, including tooth brushes!

Are tooth brushes recyclable?

Yes they are! We collect them in our recycling center at the clinic, along with other dental product packaging and have Terracycle process the products properly so they do not end up in the landfill.

What areas of Winnipeg do your dental patients come from?

We work with patients from all across Winnipeg and surrounding areas including St. James, St. James - Assiniboia, Old St. James, Deer Lodge, Silver Heights, Birchwood, Sturgeon Creek, Woodhaven, Heritage Park, Kirkfield Park, Westwood, Crestview, St. Charles, Brooklands and many other locations.

How often should I visit a dentist?

It is recommended that individuals be seen at least once per year or anytime in cases when one does not recall the last time they visited a dental clinic. All kids should be seen by age one for their first dental visit.

Do you provide services to small children?

We provide services to people of all ages, including infants.

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