Dental / Oral Appliances

Simple, Non-Invasive Care

Appliances come in many different styles and shapes. They are mainly used to treat or prevent a problem or for other functions such as modifying the growth of jaw and alignment of teeth.

Most commonly, an appliance can be used for patients who suffer from grinding (aka bruxism) and/or clenching. Another name for these types of appliances is a night guard.

The purpose is to provide spacing and cushioning for the teeth and the temporo-mandibular joint. Together with stress reducing protocols and massage therapy/physiotherapy, many symptomatic joints can be reduced to minimal discomfort or no discomfort at all.

Other appliances can be used in younger populations as well as patients of all ages. These can be habit-correcting and also functional appliances which can help with moving the teeth into proper position. In addition, functional appliances can help with proper alignment of both the upper and lower jaw. There are several other aspects of appliances for which they can be used.

Night Guards and Grinding Treatment

Some of these are improving sleeping habits, decreasing the likelihood of sleep apnea and relieving sensitive teeth and tired muscles of mastication due to clenching and grinding habits as mentioned above.

Clear Correct Teeth Aligners

Clear Correct Aligners are a form of orthodontics where a clear "tray" is used instead of braces to incrementally move teeth to new, better position for aesthetics and function. They are similar to braces but are much more aesthetic. They are quite comfortable to wear as well.

Mouth Guards / Sport Guards

Properly fitted sports guards have proven to reduce the risk of damage not only to the teeth but also to the surrounding structures, particularly the alveolar ridge which houses the teeth. Each one is custom made based on an accurate impression of the individual's mouth. Sports guards are recommended in any contact sport as well as soccer and even sports that require an athlete to wear a helmet.

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