Laser Treatment

Pain Free Option

Lasers treatments target areas of the mouth and teeth without affecting the surrounding areas. Lasers can be used for frenectomy, removing soft tissue growths, swollen tissue and other treatments to help you maintain a healthy mouth and smile.

Lasers have become very sophisticated, while offering a virtually pain free option to our Avenue Dental patients. ​​​​​​


As our bodies develop even in-utero, there sometimes remain extra appendages of tissue that do no real harm except they prevent our tissues to move passively within their normal range. We are talking about lip ties and tongue ties. These conditions are quite common, and normally in most situations they do not pose any problems. In fact, many patients are unaware that they have a lip and/or a tongue tie.

In other situations, breast feeding babies may struggle with latch and mom breasts and nipples can be extremely sore. One of the most common reasons for this is an infant with one or both of the ties. Especially in. infants that their mother wants to nurture exclusively by breastfeeding, it is imperative to assess and treat the ties promptly.

In other cases, children having speech issues and/or musculo-skeletal issues, especially in the head and neck region, may benefit from having an assessment done on how their lip and/or tongue ties may affect the conditions.

Some adults have never licked an ice cream cone because they COULD NOT due to their tongue being tied...we can help with that.

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